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We offer qualified staff management.

This includes inductions and regular training courses.

S&T assists with full-year target discussions and monitors their implementation.

Where required, we will assist your employees all the way, even in closing deals with their customers!

Our expertise in controlling stems from a variety of connections that our staff have with companies and previous projects. We follow your employees' work from the initial contact to completion. Whenever shortcomings become apparent, they will be addressed by seminars and one on one coaching.

S&T pursues its own acquisition techniques and telephone training, which are practice-oriented and have proven to be successful. Usually people begin to grasp the idea within a few hours, and this helps achieve success and increase motivation.

Get in touch with us and we will introduce to you a concept tailored to your needs!

When developing your staff, we work with the INSIGHTS-Method to assess employees as well as prospective and existing customers.

We prepare staff at management level for new challenges. Even an employee's lows can often be overcome by a change in perspective.

Be a role model! That's what those members of staff in charge of personnel should be.
We demonstrate ways of being successful yourself AND motivating your colleagues!