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As a specialist service provider for management, the distribution and sales sectors since 1995 we have at our disposal countless, up-to-date connections with members of staff in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

We keep a detailed data base of applicants that is updated regularly, and through our good connections we always “know“ the high flyers within the various industries and their SECRETS.

S&T does not just provide members of staff. S&T will also assist you throughout the contract negotiations and, if required, will even act as supervisor within the company after the initial training period. Unscrupulous placements with dubious clients are alien to us. For S&T the applicant's personality and the company's credo count. Both have to “match“!

S&T puts the satisfaction of both employee and company at the centre, thus creating trust – on both sides!

For our personnel search, we use the following methods:

  • Executive search / head hunting
  • Data base search
  • S&T online presence
  • E-recruiting
  • Job advertisements

We will find YOUR employee!

Recruitment process outsourcing is the big hit

“This is the biggest thing since sliced bread”, outsourcing trade journal HRO Europe commented recently. It is talking about the so-called “recruitment process outsourcing”, i.e. the outsourcing of the complete recruitment process for new members of staff into the hands of specialist service providers. This statement makes a good point. The “war for talent“, which has escalated due a lack of skilled professionals and demographic change has promoted this business model.
In the United States RPO already boasts the highest growth rates within the whole Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) market. Europe has been more reserved, but even here interest in this type of service is growing. Claus-Peter Sommer, director of Access AG, has spoken of a 40 per cent rise in the field of RPO and a threefold increase in enquiries: “We have felt a clear acceleration in demand. Today's HR departments simply do not have the capacity to manage the increasing effort of recruiting.”

It is with surprise that industry analysts have also noticed that for the European RPO-clients the cost savings that service providers promise are rated less highly than the reduction in time taken to fill a post and in staff turnover amongst the new employees, the consideration of demands for compliance within the process and the provider's use of the most recent technologies. For this to work, the provider really must take over the whole process: this means he must design a concept, advertise for applicants, check and test them, choose them (usually in cooperation with the client), process all the paperwork and check the effectiveness of the process and arrangements.

Source: personalmagazin 10/2007
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