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Software / Search engine optimisation

Industry-specific applications

S&T has a variety of experience in the core areas of applications for commerce, the service sector and construction / timber construction firms and developers.

Our offer ranges from the latest software that helps you manage details of potential customers, via architecture, quotation and proposal software to construction management and surveillance technologies with the option of cost control for accounting, product costing analysis interface and construction time controlling. (core area construction)

The standard applications rarely match our customers' specific individual requirements 100 per cent. We are happy to advise you about cost-effective modifications and system implementations either as a separate module or as part of a comprehensive software package.

We work together with the software's innovative producers and thus try to achieve for our customers, through useful links, great benefits by making savings in the process design and controlling of individual processes.

Talk to us. Together with you we will mark down the processes of your existing systems, analyse them, formulate targets and make suggestions for their optimisation.

Internet Search engine optimisation

These days the internet is the number one information medium as well as quite simply the global market place. If you miss the boat, you will be overtaken by the competition. But just an online presence alone does not increase turnover.

Offers must be found!

Your website is not easily found?

We analyse your website and those of your competitors and open up new prospects.

After this assessment we work together with you to set specific targets and new marketing strategies with you.

Often even small adaptations, for example to the menu prompts, achieve positive results.

With a mixture of measures that work instantly (e.g. search engine advertising) and longer-term steps (e.g. linking) your visitor numbers will rise.

And we saved the best for last: Our results can be measured!

You will receive a monthly overview of the results and our progress.