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The evaluation of the INSIGHTS MDI® questionnaires is particularly helpful for the following main tasks.

You can see in this diagram below the complete “INSIGHTS Wheel“ with its 60 options of human behaviour.


Selection of personnel:
With the help of the potential analysis we can systematically analyse employees' strengths and match them to the requirements of the future workplace. Workplace profiles can be produced more easily with the help of a workplace analysis. The parallel comparison allows us to draw useful conclusions about the compatibility of applicant and workplace. This way you can have the “right employee“ in the “right place“.
Recognise a winner ... and hang on to them!

Identifying potential:
INSIGHTS MDI® works as an ideal tool for self-realisation by analysing one's own potential. Understanding and accepting your own behaviour patterns offers you opportunities to develop your own strength, but also to better understand others, be they colleagues, superiors or customers.

Personnel development:
INSIGHTS MDI® offers the creation of a comprehensive and individual personnel development programme. The behavioural analysis forms the basis from which you can proceed. Determining your own status quo is the basis of training and coaching programmes and thus forms long-term prospects for employees and companies.

INSIGHTS MDI® can help you achieve a marked improvement in the management style of those employees with HR responsibilities. Based on the personality analysis the manager is now able to lead in a sophisticated way, taking into consideration the employees' expectations and meeting his own responsibilities. The leadership style changes into one based on people and situations and thus becomes more relevant and efficient.

Team development:
INSIGHTS MDI® is ideally suited for the development of teams. This tool helps you support the strengths of individual team members while at the same time responding to other team members' pronounced strengths. The optimised use of INSIGHTS helps form teams based on the various basic human structures. These teams combine to form a centre of competence. What matters here in order to use the complete range of human competencies possible are the diverse team constellations.

INSIGHTS MDI has for many years been valued particularly in sales. Once you know yourself, you will find it easy to understand others. The relationship competency between salesperson and customers is strengthened by the salesperson's recognition of “who the customer is and what their aims are“. Salespeople who have memorised the basic motives on the INSIGHTS Wheel can understand the customer within a short time and negotiate on the same wavelength. Both customer and salesperson feel more at ease, the salesperson not least because closing deals becomes so much easier…

Private life:
INSIGHTS MDI® can even be used in private life. After seminars we often hear from the participants that they are using the opportunity to understand themselves and others better not only in their working lives. Finding a partner and leading a relationship can become easier, when you can assess your own strengths as well as your partner's. Crises and conflicts can be overcome more easily by a good understanding of the partner, based on knowledge of their basic motivation.
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