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Years ago sales people were told: “Treat your customer as you would wish to be treated.”
…recent findings correct this…
It's better to say: “Treat your customer as HE wishes to be treated.”

INSIGHTS Standorte


A scientific way of measuring personality profiles without “pigeonholing“, by evaluating questionnaires based on scientific fact.

A better understanding!

INSIGHTS MDI® was founded by Carl Gustav Jung's und William M. Marston's scientific activities. Bill J. Bonstetter further developed the method and continues to work to optimise its analyses. INSIGHTS MDI® offers you the opportunity to approach others in an ideal way, and to better understand and in effect use their motivation, all based on self awareness: “Who am I – what are my strengths – what are my capabilities – who are my instigators?“

The bachground to this is the so-called INSIGHTS wheel with its 4 main colours. It forms the basis of the recognition of the different types.

Extensive statistical tests regarding reliability and validity are carried out regularly by American and European universities. Thus the Wheaton College trial by Dr. J. Watson, Illinois, USA, and the latest results of research by Professor Dr. David Warburton, London, UK, as well as Professor Dr. J.R. Hall's studies, University of North Texas, 1999, confirm extremely high scores for reliability and validity.

The potential analysis has a face validity of over 90 per cent worldwide!