Search and Train.
Can you think of a top team that has REMAINED world champion WITHOUT training?
…and never amends or improves its team?
We can't…

S&T is:

Specialised service provider in the field personnel – personnel development – search – training – for the construction sector, in the fields of the construction of detached houses and apartment dwellings, planning and conceptional arrangement all the way to the development of housing complexes for the elderly, inner urban town house projects, holiday home developments, construction of business facilities, as well as across the wide spectrum of industry, trade and the service sector.

Starting with the supply of staff that accurately matches the requirements – Executive Search, speciality: Direct contact / head hunting, via HR administration, personnel development, training / coaching, project and interim management all the way to outplacement. We specialise in HR as well as in the conceptual development of tailor-made and sector-specific marketing concepts.
Since 1995 our advisers have for example built up substantial experience in specialised areas of the construction of both traditional buildings and prefabs. We also advise customers in the fields of service provision and sales, always working to our clients' satisfaction.

S&T successfully develops support systems for managers and sales professionals, in the fields of sales / marketing – communications. The long-term working relationships and the friendly consensus amongst staff and companies speak for themselves.

Hence S&T consistently develops and motivates staff to perform their best through practice-oriented internal training modules. In doing this we lower the cost of recruitment and initial training and increase work effectiveness and job satisfaction of employees as well as employers through longer terms of employment with the same company.

Search and Train:

HR consulting service, provision of specialists, headhunting, executive search, job advertisements, personnel selection, personnel development, interim management, contract consulting, training and seminars, workshops, services for job applicants.

Management consultancy:

Strategic management consultancy for the trade, services and construction sectors.